(MS Windows version)

 Current version is
    0.64-try1 (18.12.2009)
 Old releases



 elc < at > point.hr


scripts and programs for video ripping and encoding

Programs in package:

melcdvd (script)
    This is a frontend to Mplayer's mencoder program (www.mplayerhq.hu)
    for dvd to avi (DivX compatibile) encoding.
    New: VobSub SUBTITLE ripping works now!

melcfile (script)
    A frontend to Mplayer's mencoder.
    Converts movie file into avi (DivX compatibile) file.
    Example: melcfile [inputvideofile]
    This will encode inputvideofile into output file, additionaly
    you can raise volume up to 10, crop and resize
    movie to desired resolution.

sh (Unix shell – from MinGW utilities)
    All other programs are executed trough this.

mpinfo (script)
    Calls mplayer to show information about video file.
    Example: mpinfo mymovie.avi | less

subconv (program)
    Converts between subtitle formats (txt, sub, srt).
    Example: subconv -o mymovie.srt -t srt --ifps 23.98 -m -1.5 mymovie.txt
    This will convert MicroDvd (txt) to SubRipper (srt) where frame rate
    of movie is 23.98 and will move backward subtitles 1.5 seconds.

    Precompiled mplayer and mencoder binaries are included
    and installed into windows system folder.
    You can play now movie with right-click on the file:
    Open With - MPlayer - Movie Player.
    You don't need to have installed any codecs
    to play and encode divix compatibile videos with MPlayer.